Automatic Content Recognition

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Media Identification & Information Services
for Networks, Cloud Platforms, Devices & Apps:

Broadcast Infrastructure

Broadcast Infrastructure

Unlock the power of dynamic ad insertion in both linear and over-the-top broadcast distribution.
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Media Sharing Platforms

Identify copyrighted content, ensure copyright compliance and create new ways to monetize shared digital media.
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Campus IT

Manage DMCA issues on the campus network. Educate users with automatic graduated messages. Build better digital citizens.
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Smart Devices & Apps

Make your smart device, application, or platform content aware in the presence of media streams or ambient audio.
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content owners

Content Owners

Register your media works with Audible Magic to protect and monetize content within ever-expanding new business models.
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Audible Magic is the trusted leader in automatic content recognition (ACR) technologies. The biggest names in social media, broadcasting, consumer electronics and apps turn to Audible Magic for software and information services based on audio and video content identification.


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