GoFish To Utilize Audible Magic’s Content Management and Digital Filtering Technology

LOS GATOS, California – (March 7, 2007) — GoFish Corporation (OTCBB:GOFH), the leading publicly-traded made-for-Internet video company where millions of people come to watch, upload and share videos, today announced that Audible Magic, the industry leader in content rights management, will provide filtering and identification technology for its popular website.

“GoFish’s partnership with Audible Magic will provide a massive opportunity for content owners to participate in the explosive growth occurring in online video,” said Michael Downing, co-founder and CEO of GoFish. “This agreement also will assure our strategic content partners and advertisers that GoFish is committed to protecting the rights of artists around the world.”

This agreement will allow licensed copyrighted material on GoFish to be identified by Audible Magic’s monitoring services, which provide reporting information used for revenue sharing between GoFish and its strategic partners. In addition, the Audible Magic fingerprinting software, which is based upon its CopySense technology, will enable GoFish to streamline content management in its database of hundreds of thousands of songs used in videos across the GoFish Network.

Vance Ikezoye, founder and CEO of Audible Magic said, “GoFish is dedicated to delivering dynamic online video entertainment content to its community of millions around the globe. Our technology will support the ever-growing number of GoFish enthusiasts, and will enable GoFish to monetize its extensive video library while protecting artists and their copyrighted works.”

This news follows last month’s announcement by GoFish to acquire Bolt Media, a popular youth-oriented social networking website, creating the world’s largest independent online video company with a community of nearly six million monthly unique visitors.

GoFish Corporation, (OTCBB: GOFH) headquartered in San Francisco, is a leading consumer online video destination that, in two years, has grown to deliver millions of videos per month to a rapidly growing audience of enthusiasts. The first publicly traded company in the space and a pioneer in the development of made-for-Internet programming, GoFish is a place on the web where millions of people come to upload, share and watch their favorite made-for-Internet videos from around the world. For more information about the company, go to www.gofish.com.

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Audible Magic Corporation provides content management and anti-piracy services to the media and entertainment industries as well as business, governmental, and educational institutions. The company’s offerings utilize patented content identification technologies and an extensive reference database of audio and video content that includes one of the largest collections of copyrighted digital song recording fingerprints in the world. Its digital technology and services were designed to monitor, track, manage, filter and monetize digital content in all its forms. The company has been actively providing services for the Web 2.0 user-generated content video sharing sites, including MySpace and Grouper.

Corporate partners include EMI Recorded Music, Palisade Systems, Sony/BMG Music, Universal Music Group, V2 Music, Warner Music Group, and EMI Recorded Music. Audible Magic is also employed by iMesh and PlayLouder MSP music service. Other major market customers include over 70 educational institutions and the media manufacturing industry. Audible Magic products include the CopySense P2P Plug-In; CopySense Network Appliance, and RepliCheck.

The Company was founded in 1999 and it operates from offices in Los Gatos, Los Angeles and Berkeley, California. For more information, visit Audible Magic’s website at www.audiblemagic.com.

For more information, visit Audible Magic’s website at www.audiblemagic.com or contact:

Jay Friedman
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