LOS GATOS, California – (May 10, 2007) — Dailymotion (http://www.dailymotion.com), the world’s largest independent video sharing site, has chosen Audible Magic as their content identification services vendor. Audible Magic will be providing Dailymotion with solutions to identify and filter unauthorized copyrighted content, and enable new digital business models for Dailymotion, utilizing Audible Magic’s content identification and digital fingerprinting technology. The copyright fingerprinting and filtering technology will be used globally across Dailymotion’s 6 localized sites and in all 13 language versions.

The implementation of Audible Magic will allow Dailymotion to detect unauthorized copyrighted content and differentiate it from legitimate consumer and media industry content on Dailymotion. Audible Magic enables the automatic fingerprinting of content as it is uploaded and compares it to a database of fingerprints provided by copyright owners. If the match is a positive, content is then removed and, if an agreement with owners is in place, replaced with the original copyright material.

“As one of the first and only global oriented video entertainment sites, Dailymotion focuses on working with both media owners, consumer content creators and viewers,” said Benjamin Bejbaum, Chairman and CEO of Dailymotion.” Audible Magic’s fingerprinting and infringing copyright filtering technology continues Dailymotion’s track record of implementing the best possible technology for both consumers and content owners.”

The use of filtering and fingerprinting technology is a core part of Dailymotion’s strategy of being a content owner friendly video sharing site. Dailymotion, which recently signed deals with Warner and Universal Music Groups, is actively pursuing revenue sharing partnerships with content owners. The technology will also help Dailymotion’s programming team as they search out the most relevant and consumer friendly content for each region. Filtering allows the programming team to avoid infringing material and focus on highlighting the content that has the highest entertainment value for consumers in each region and for each channel.

Vance Ikezoye, founder and CEO of Audible Magic said, “We are proud to be working with Dailymotion to protect the rights of all copyright owners. We are committed to supporting them by providing best of class technology services.”

Dailymotion will be one of the first to use Audible Magic’s technology on its global network of localized video entertainment sites. Audible Magic actively provides services for social entertainment sites. Recent partnerships include Microsoft Soapbox, MySpace, GoFish, Grouper, Break.com, Eyespot and Viacom’s MTVN.

As the world’s largest independent provider of premium user generated and licensed online video entertainment, Dailymotion’s mission is to provide the best possible entertainment experience for users and the best business experience for content owners. With a global network of localized video entertainment sites, Dailymotion’s programming team turns licensed and user generated content into a high quality, entertainment experience for consumers. Dailymotion also provides the most advanced technology to both users and content users. Users experience high quality video in a fast, easy to use Web site. Content creators and owners have their copyrighted work protected with the latest in fingerprinting technology (currently being implemented). Dailymotion is a top 75 Web site worldwide (source: Alexa) and one of the fastest growing Web destinations.


Audible Magic Corporation provides content management and anti-piracy services to the media and entertainment industries as well as business, governmental, and educational institutions. The company’s offerings utilize patented content identification technologies and an extensive reference database of audio and video content that includes one of the largest collections of copyrighted digital song recording fingerprints in the world. Its digital technology and services were designed to monitor, track, manage, filter and monetize digital content in all its forms. The company has been actively providing services for the Web 2.0 user-generated content video sharing sites including MySpace, Microsoft (Soapbox), Break.com, Eyespot, GoFish, and Grouper. The company also has an agreement with Viacom’s MTV Networks (MTVN).

Corporate partners include EMI Recorded Music, Palisade Systems, Sony/BMG Music, Universal Music Group, V2 Music, Warner Music Group, and EMI Recorded Music. Audible Magic is also employed by iMesh and PlayLouder MSP music service. Audible Magic products include the CopySense P2P Plug-In, CopySense Network Appliance, and RepliCheck.


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