Deployment of Audible Magic’s Content Recognition Technology will Protect Growing Social Networking Users’ Content from Copyrighted Music and Music Video Issues that Plagued other social networking websites

NEW YORK – July 11, 2007 – Dada USA (, an international leader in the provision of Web and mobile community and entertainment services and subsidiary of Dada S.p.A, today announced a deal with Audible Magic, the industry’s top provider of content recognition technology. The deal establishes an integration of a digital rights software solution that will detect copyrighted music and music video on Dada’s social networking site ( in the United States. The arrangement with Audible Magic is a strategic move by Dada to detect unauthorized copyrighted content and differentiate it from legitimate consumer and media content on user pages.

“We have over 1 million content files online, so this will help the Dada consumers as much as the digital music, image and video owner,” said Massimiliano Pellegrini, CEO of Dada USA. “By using Audible Magic’s software technology, we are able to help protect our users from infringing content as well as offer a true medium for self expression. Consumers can now use their personal pages as a vehicle to share their music and videos through the viral natures of social networks without worrying if their copyrighted materials will be distributed by someone else.”

Audible Magic’s digital fingerprint technology identifies, tracks and filters unauthorized copyrighted materials to automatically block the uploading of copyrighted music on The technology scans thousands of video and music files on to determine the appropriate business rules to apply.

“This is an important step for not only the music and video industry, but for social networking Web sites as well,” said Vance Ikezoye, founder and CEO of Audible Magic. “ is one of the largest web and mobile content communities with over 90,000 songs and more than 150,000 videos on its network. We will provide them with the best possible technology to protect both consumers and content owners.”

The announcement allows Dada users to freely and legally access the copyrighted content from Audible Magic’s authoritative database of major label content, from such partners as EMI Recorded Music, Sony/BMG Music, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group.

Dada’s services are provided through the community ( and offers its customers a rich range of fee-based community and entertainment products and services to communicate, entertain and educate, and are accessible both via PC and mobile phone (through the SMS/MMS channel and the micro-portals of the main mobile phone operators). The Dada consumer offering is available, in Italy, in the USA, through its subsidiary Dada USA, in Spain, through its subsidiary Dada Iberia, in Brazil through its subsidiary Dada Brazil, in China through its subsidiary Dada China, and in Portugal, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Columbia and Uruguay.

The Dada Group includes (, established leader in the registration of Internet domains, which has recently acquired Nominalia S.L., leader in Spain in the same sector; Upoc Networks Inc., a well established provider of web and mobile value added services in the US, Tipic Inc., an international leader in the blog and social networking sector with the Splinder and Motime brands and E-Box S.r.l., owner of Blogo platform, the most visited Italian network of vertical blogs.

Audible Magic Corporation provides content management and anti-piracy services to the media and entertainment industries as well as business, governmental, and educational institutions. The company’s offerings utilize patented content identification technologies and an extensive reference database of audio and video content that includes one of the largest collections of copyrighted digital song recording fingerprints in the world. Its digital technology and services were designed to monitor, track, manage, filter and monetize digital content in all its forms. The company has been actively providing services for the Web 2.0 user-generated content video sharing sites including MySpace, Microsoft (Soapbox), YouTube, Bebo,, Dailymotion, Eyespot, GoFish, and Grouper. The company also has an agreement with Viacom’s MTV Networks (MTVN) and the Harry Fox Agency, a leading U.S. music rights organization.

Corporate partners include Twentieth Century Fox, EMI Recorded Music, Palisade Systems, Sony/BMG Music, Universal Music Group, V2 Music, Warner Music Group, and EMI Recorded Music. Audible Magic is also employed by iMesh and PlayLouder MSP music service. Audible Magic products include the CopySense P2P Plug-In, CopySense Network Appliance, and RepliCheck.

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