Article 17 signals what the market already knows:License and monetize.

Article 17 impacts most social networks in existence today. The clock is ticking, and companies need to put in place technical measures to comply.

Article 17 is designed to encourage the growth of a digital media marketplace where copyrighted content is appropriately protected, licensed, and monetized to the benefit of rights holders, social networks, and those enjoying the content online.

What do social networks need to do to prepare?

With the volume of user generated content uploaded to established social networks, an automated content recognition service is key to complying with Article 17.

  • Put in place technical measures, such as an automated content recognition service, to ensure that unauthorized copyrighted media doesn’t get uploaded
  • Obtain licenses where possible or work with rights holders to protect their work
  • Implement a license management system where licenses are obtained
  • Build reporting capabilities around usage as required under Article 19

Find the right business partner to help you protect, license and monetize.

Effectively identifying copyrighted content is only the first step toward monetization. Social networks should be looking for a business partner offering solutions to create revenue streams.

Look for vendors that can:

  • Implement at scale
  • Ensure the authorized use of content
  • Provide content licensing support by identifying content accurately

What about smaller social networks?

The EU wants to give small or emerging platforms a chance to grow before implementing more technical measures, but they also must comply with Article 17.

Small social network, but reaching toward monetization?

Look for a service provider who can:

  • Provide a pricing and technical on ramp
  • Support a wide variety of easily scalable services (content identification, licensing support, royalty tracking, etc.) to meet your evolving needs

Audible Magic can help.

Audible Magic is ready to support both emerging and established social platforms with their licensing and compliance needs.