CopySense® Express Service Introduced by Audible Magic

Most Affordable P2P Compliance Solution Targeted at Community Colleges

LOS GATOS, CA , California — (Marketwire - May 25, 2010) 

Audible Magic Corporation has expanded its CopySense family of P2P compliance and educational solutions with a service specifically aimed at the needs of community colleges and other institutions with smaller networks and limited budgets. The CopySense Express service detects file sharing of copyrighted works as they occur and immediately informs the student that his/her unauthorized use of the network has been detected, leveraging the teachable moment.This service helps community colleges meet the mandates required by the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008 with a low-cost solution.Read more

Music Reports and Audible Magic Announce Strategic Partnership

Companies to Expand Licensing and Reporting Solutions for Digital Music

WOODLAND HILLS, CA. and LOS GATOS, CA , California — (April 22, 2010) — Music Reports, the leading independent provider of music rights administration services in the U.S., and Audible Magic, the leading provider of electronic media identification and copyright tracking services in the U.S., today announced the formation of a strategic partnership to expand music publishing, licensing, and reporting solutions for broadcasters, Internet websites, and other digital music users.Read more

Audible Magic Expands Its CopySense® Family

New CopySense DMCA Service Automates Management of DMCA Notices

LOS GATOS, California — (Marketwire - March 23, 2010) — For most colleges and universities, following up on DMCA take-down notices received from copyright owners is a laborious and costly process. Audible Magic's new CopySense DMCA Service automates this process enabling academic institutions to lower their costs as they comply with HEOA provisions requiring them to combat unauthorized distribution of copyrighted works over campus networks.Read more

Audible Magic Rolls Out Beta Phase of New myRightsView™ Copyright Identification Service

LOS GATOS, California — October 19, 2009 —Copyright registration of music can now be easily verified using Audible Magic’s new myRightsView registration service ( Featuring an easy-to-use interface, the new service is available to anyone who wants to ensure appropriate ownership for royalty, licensing, anti-piracy or use purposes.Read more

Audible Magic Emerges as Leading Content Identification Supplier to Mobile Entertainment Market

Los Gatos, CA, September 10, 2008 Audible Magic Corp. has signed customer agreements to provide its CopySense® Content Identification Services to four leading mobile entertainment companies: FunForMobile, mywaves, myxer and ThumbPlay. These new agreements, along with two other recent agreements with Nokia and Phonezoo, propel Audio Magic into the burgeoning $3.1 billion mobile entertainment marketplace and enable its new customers to ensure copyright compliance across their millions and millions of downloads of music, ringtones and videos each month.Read more

CopySense® Appliance Version 4.0 for Universities Released

Los Gatos, CA, September 4, 2008 CopySense Appliance version 4.0 for universities is now available from Audible Magic Corporation. The CopySense Appliance accurately and affordably identifies traffic of unauthorized copyrighted works without disrupting legitimate peer-to-peer (P2P) activities. Version 4.0 of the software offers three major upgrades for the academic marketplace: it uniquely protects against the downloading of electronic textbooks; it provides a university with automated graduated responses for network use violations; and it expands support of large university networks.Read more

Audible Magic Broadens Reach with Free Service for UGC Websites

CopySense® Basic Delivers High Quality Copyright Media Detection Service for Small-to-Medium UGC Websites

Los Gatos, CA, April 8, 2008 Audible Magic Corporation, a leading provider of content management services to the digital media and entertainment industries, today announced availability of a free version of it’s CopySense Content Identification Service called CopySense Basic, targeted at smaller websites.Read more

ZVUE Corporation Protects Copyrighted Material Across its Network of Entertainment Sites with Audible Magic

Los Gatos, CA, January 8, 2008 In a significant move to protect the rights of current and future content partners such as Sony/BMG and Showtime, ZVUE Corporation (NASDAQ: ZVUE) has entered into a strategic partnership with Audible Magic, the industry’s top provider of copyright-protection technology solutions. Under the agreement, Audible Magic will provide content recognition and management services to ZVUE Corporation and the ZVUE Network of 8 leading online entertainment properties, including eBaum’s World ( more

Audible Magic and eSnips Announce Copyrighted Content Recognition Partnership

Los Gatos, CA, December 19, 2007 Audible Magic, the industry’s top provider of content recognition and identification solutions, today partnered with eSnips LTD, the first multipurpose social content sharing site where individuals share and promote their interests. Under the agreement Audible Magic will provide content recognition and management services to eSnips for its content.Read more