CopySense Appliance

CopySense Appliance
The key to successfully managing piracy on your network resides in education – the exact thing you do best. Audible Magic’s CopySense appliance monitors the campus network, distinguishes between legal and illegal file sharing, and automatically responds to repeat offenders with graduated direct messages and restrictions.
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Build Better Digital Citizens

The CopySense appliance includes our unique Graduated Response system at no additional cost to you. Graduated Response is fully customizable so you can communicate campus judicial policies and sanctions along with information on the appropriate use of copyrights and the intellectual property rights of others. The result is a reduction in DMCA take-down notices and a new generation of educated and law-abiding digital citizens.

Leverage The Teachable Moment

Graduated Response immediately and automatically responds at the time of an infraction. With your students’ attention focused on their screens, you can take advantage of the teachable moment.

Reclaim Staff Resources

Because Graduated Response is fully automated, you save time, headcount and money. Campus IT staff are no longer consumed with trying to manage their large systems for illegal downloads. Just think, no more tedious tracking, verification and follow-up of individual DMCA notices.


Tech Specs

  • HEOA 2008 Compliant
  • Patent protected technology
  • 1U rack mountable appliance
  • Supports multi gigabit networks
  • “pass-by” device that will not negatively impact your network


Audible Magic’s CopySense appliance gives you the flexibility to best meet the unique needs for your campus and your budget. Pricing is based on the number of users on the campus network and the network bandwidth to be monitored.

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What Our Customers Are Saying
Northern Michigan University

“When we made the list of top university downloaders, we knew things needed to change. We turned to Audible Magic for help.”
-David Maki, IT Director
University Of Florida“This is a population that comes to school accustomed to the illegal sharing of files across P2P networks. Our aim is to provide open but secure access – it’s a balancing act. Audible Magic’s CopySense appliance gives us that balance. Great company. Great product. We are very pleased.”
-Charles Benjamin, Senior IT Specialist