SocialCheck™ & SocialAudit

Enables social media teams to reduce their risk of using unauthorized copyright content when uploading to their social media channels.

Use RightRx™ to manage potential catalog conflicts

Leading music distributors and aggregators depend on AM’s RightsRx to keep their catalog clear of conflicts and maintain their topflight status with major digital service providers.

DIY catalogs - check submissions prior to distribution

Identify fraudulent submissions prior to upload as well as catalog conflicts due to artists submitting through multiple distributors. Distributors can choose to resolve conflicts prior to upload. AM’s Content Identification service is considered the industry standard.

Use the industry leading Conflict Identification Service – Fast, Accurate and Automated

With identification rates at 99.99%, Audible Magic’s RightsRx service produces virtually zero false positives and requires no dependence on metadata, watermarks, or file hashes. Our customers such as The Orchard, Distrokid and CDBaby receive fast and accurate responses in seconds on files submitted.

Audit your posting history

SocialCheck also allows you to check posting history

Every video posted is processed and scanned for the presence of copyrighted music.

Then receive a report listing all the videos that include music with the URL link to the video, the channel it was posted on, the song title & artist, and the name of the record label that controls that song.

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