Audio Identification Technology Company Powers New CMJ Service: Realtime Airplay Monitor (RAM)

NEW YORK, NY — March 18, 2002 — The CMJ Network has entered into a long-term agreement with Audible Magic, a leading provider of digital audio identification technology, to provide the music industry with state-of-the-art radio airplay tracking information for new and emerging music. The announcement was jointly made by Jay B. Ziskrout, The CMJ Network’s VP Business Operations, and Vance Ikezoye, CEO of Audible Magic. CMJ and Audible Magic will monitor college, non-commercial, and a variety of other “early adopter” radio stations with the objective of providing quantitative and qualitative market information to assist the in the discovery and development of new and emerging music. CMJ will offer RAM (Real-time Airplay Monitor) data to record labels, retailers, broadcasters, concert promoters, managers and other music industry professionals by integrating it into the company’s existing print and online channels.

Beta tests for the first RAM reports began in March with 25 college radio stations. Over the next three years, Audible Magic and CMJ plan to expand the program to more than 450 stations nationwide.

Jay Ziskrout, whose online and offline music business career spans over 20 years in the U.S., Europe and Latin America, noted, “When I first came to CMJ it was with the vision of being able to definitively quantify the college and non-commercial airplay information the company has been collecting for 23 years. Now, in partnership with Audible Magic, we are on track to realize that objective and more.”

Vance Ikezoye added, “Our working relationship with CMJ comes at an important time for the music industry. This partnership will allow us to provide an extremely reliable service. And, Audible Magic’s technology has the ability to monitor stations in a more cost-effective manner. This is a prime example of how new technology can truly help the industry.”

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Audible Magic Corporation is the leading provider of content management and anti-piracy services. Its patented content identification technologies and extensive reference database of audio and video content enable the company to monitor, track, manage, filter and monetize multi-media digital content. The company’s core copyright-sensing technology, CopySense®, accurately identifies digital or broadcast media content based on the perceptual characteristics of the content itself. Built on a patented electronic fingerprinting process, the technology is robust, efficient, and massively scalable. Recognized throughout the music and video industry as the de factor leader in identification services, Audible Magic is headquartered in Los Gatos, California. Its customers include Web 2.0 websites, CD/DVD replicators, peer-to-peer networking companies, internet service providers and universities, which span the media and entertainment industries, major business, governmental and educational institutions markets.

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