Welcome to Audible Magic,Silicon Valley’s pioneer in automatic content recognition.

Winning is well, great!

Winning a Technology and Engineering Emmy award for our pioneering automatic content recognition (ACR) services is humbly, a big deal.

As gratifying as accolades and our 33 awarded US patents for our technology are, what drives us is meeting the ever changing needs of our customers.

Audible Magic has been fingerprinting and identifying audio and video content for 20 years. Along the way, we have developed a deep understanding of the nuances and complexities in the digital media ecosystem. We comprehend the concerns and business challenges on both social media platforms (such as Twitch and Dailymotion) and content owners (such as Sony, Universal Music, and Disney).

Empowering our customers is even better.

With the passing of the European Union’s Article 17, the opportunity to enable the dynamic growth of the digital media ecosystem is imminent. Audible Magic will be there to enable our customers to understand the changes and empower their businesses to embrace the new paradigm. We view ourselves as a key partner to enable the appropriate use and management of copyrighted content from release to monetization to royalty payments and beyond.

Licensing and monetization starts with clarity.

Platforms must answer key questions to license and monetize content. Doing this efficiently and accurately is one of the biggest challenges in the digital media ecosystem today.

What is it and who owns it?
How can we use it?
Who do I pay for using it?

Audible Magic brings its authoritative content registry of more than 25,000,000 media assets from the biggest industry players in video and audio to compare to user-generated content using our industry-standard ACR technology resulting in virtually no false positives — the lowest in the industry.

Our robust technology can:

Identify audio and video even with modified rates, pitches or tempos, which is critical for identifying covers or highly distorted tracks
Identify video without audio and audio without video
Identify live or video on demand

And continues with business decisions to back office.

We understand that identification is only part of the equation when managing audio and video content on a platform. Audible Magic offers a variety of services to support monetization, licensing, and back-office administration.

Identify the content and rights ownership to use your licenses
Identify a cover of a song to pay royalties to publishers
Identify content and its use, make monetization decisions

We’ve got this.

Awards are great. But what really revs up our teams of developers, dealmakers, and executives is enabling the ecosystem to come together and to grow the marketplace.

We’ve got this. Let us help grow your business.

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