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Throughout the media and entertainment industry, Audible Magic has been lauded for pioneering automated content recognition. ACR enables the entire digital media ecosystem to identify the title, rights, and permissions associated with registered digital media content.

Our core technology.

Our engineers have earned more than 33 U.S. patents — and a technical Emmy — for innovative technological advances to content recognition. Each month, our ACR technology powers billions of transactions involving music recordings, motion pictures, and TV shows.

Download the core technology data sheet, or keep reading here to learn how it works — and works for you.

Download the data sheet

How automatic content recognition (ACR) works.

Our patented ACR technology identifies any media based on perceptual characteristics of the audio and video. This works across file formats, codecs, bit rates, and compression algorithms. With identification rates at 99.99%, Audible Magic’s content recognition technology produces virtually zero false positives and requires no dependence on metadata, watermarks, or file hashes. Our approach is also immune to many types of transformations or background noise.

When speed and accuracy mean the most for the user experience.

Audible Magic’s content identification algorithms are tuned to offer precise synchronization down to 25 or fewer milliseconds. That resolution means developers and service providers can deliver — even if the International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) cannot ID the composition or lyrical content. It also opens the door for a myriad of services that trigger and track time-based activities, such as interactive advertising, social engagement, user personalization, and more.

ID audio without video and video without audio – live and on-demand.

When you combine VideoID with content recognition services, you can identify video without audio and audio without video. Designed to meet the needs of international live events with multiple language media coverage that is often streamed on social platforms, this robust solution handles video quality degradation, frame rate changes, aspect ratio changes, tickers and graphic overlays and more.

The authoritative reference library for music, TV, and film.

Audible Magic’s Music Registry is one of the largest authoritative sources for identifying music, TV, and film. More than 140,000 music labels from over 150 different territories register with us. The major studios, including NBCU, Fox, Viacom/MTV, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, and Disney/ABC, submit hundreds of thousands of titles of TV and film content.

What platforms are compatible with Audible Magic’s Toolkit.

Audible Magic’s libraries are supported on most popular platforms, including Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows. The Toolkit is comprehensive and well documented to enable most app developers to integrate ACR technology into their applications in just a few hours. (Get free access to our Toolkit and FAQs in our suport portal.)

But wait, there’s more.

Audible Magic technology supports a variety of additional features and capabilities for both rights holders and social platforms with specific requirements.

Identify cross-catalog conflicts track by track.

Audible Magic offers a cost-effective solution for distributors focused on achieving compliance. Clients can submit track requests using our content identification API to find any conflicts in just a few seconds.

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Scan metadata for tracks in conflict.

Actively identify conflicts among tracks or in metadata across catalogs in more than 200 territories around the world. Audible Magic can even automate weekly reports detailing conflicts.

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Flag unauthorized streams of live media.

Sports broadcasters, event promoters, and streaming services can protect premium live content on certain platforms by integrating Audible Magic APIs or using our online content management system to identify user-generated live streams with their content and take appropriate action.

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Pinpoint extreme manipulations of claimed content.

Using only small clips of audio, Audible Magic can uniquely identify even extreme manipulations of rate, pitch, or tempo in a piece of content. This ensures artists can be accurately credited and compensated.

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