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LOS GATOS, California — August 27, 2003 — The CMJ Network and Audible Magic have announced that SESAC has become the first corporate customer to utilize data from CMJ’s Realtime Airplay Metrics (RAM) airplay reporting service. RAM, the first service to comprehensively track airplay on college, non-commercial and “early-adopter” radio, utilizes Audible Magic’s patented digital audio identification technology. In light of its 25-year artist discovery and development mission, RAM is a natural evolution to CMJ’s growing platform of media, event and data-centric products and services. SESAC, one of the three major performing rights organizations in the USA, will utilize RAM data in its monetization of non-commercial radio and its ongoing effort to improve the accuracy of performance royalty distributions to songwriters and publishers.

Hunter Williams, vice president, royalty distribution and research services for SESAC, said, “Today, more than ever, it’s important to accurately account for airplay in this market, and the RAM system provides the most accurate and complete data available. SESAC has always been at the forefront of implementing best of breed technology, which is why we teamed up with Audible Magic two years ago. Their technology also drives RAM’s reporting data so it represents still another successful aspect of our partnership.”

Since entering into their agreement with SESAC, Audible Magic now monitors more than 65 stations for the PRO. The initial rollout, which began in the Fall of 2001, incorporated Audible Magic’s content-based identification technology to monitor terrestrial radio broadcasts utilizing Internet simulcasts, covering several genres of music. The RAM service covers both terrestrial and non-traditional broadcasters and provides myriad reporting options in order to most effectively view and use the underlying data.

Jay B. Ziskrout, Chief Operating Officer for CMJ beamed, “We are pleased that SESAC will be integrating data from the RAM system to help determine equitable royalty distributions to songwriters and publishers. RAM is a natural evolution to CMJ’s growing platform of media, event and data-centric products and we believe it provides critical information to a PRO such as SESAC.”

Audible Magic’s automated broadcast monitoring systems use a patented digital fingerprinting technology to identify songs. Fingerprints are compared in a matter of seconds to the company’s database of 3.7 million songs, covering the entire North American catalog and believed to be the largest in the world. Approximately 10,000 new songs a week are added to the database.

“In services such as RAM, our systems make it possible to monitor stations and genres that have not been accurately monitored before,” said Vance Ikezoye, CEO and founder of Audible Magic. “We think CMJ’s RAM service will also prove to be of interest to major and indie labels, as well as individual musicians and bands.”

The CMJ Network is an innovator in music discovery, artist development and market analysis. It serves and interconnects music industry professionals, broadcasters, musicians, consumers and advertisers. It’s integrated media channels, services and events deliver decision-critical data, compelling entertainment content and access to marketing and promotional opportunities. CMJ New Music Report, its weekly music business trade magazine launched in 1978, is the recognized leader for its coverage of the college and emerging music industries. CMJ New Music Monthly, launched in 1993, was the first consumer magazine to include a bound-in CD sampler. CMJ Interactive harnesses the Internet and other media to offer a rich music-discovery service, information resources, and community to music fans, professionals, and artists. CMJ Events produces live music events and conferences including the legendary CMJ Music Marathon, the largest music event of its kind and CMJ College Tour. (

The RAM application, whose full commercial launch is scheduled for early this fall, includes several custom service levels designed and priced for bands, broadcasters, the independent music community and the majors, respectively. RAM will offer unprecedented granularity and custom reporting options tailor-made for each customer type. Whether you work in A&R, Promotion, broadcasting or manage a band, RAM represents a revolutionary tool in today’s business arsenal. The launch of RAM also represents a big step towards CMJ’s medium-term goal of putting monitored and reported airplay, retail sales and other metrics on the same page for the entire music community.

Established in 1930, SESAC is a service organization created to serve both the creators of music and music users through music licensing and timely, efficient royalty collection and distribution. The second oldest and fastest growing performing rights organization in the U.S., SESAC is known for its diversified repertory that includes genres ranging from Adult Contemporary, Urban, Jazz, Rock, Americana, Contemporary Christian, Latin, Country, Gospel, Dance, Classical and New Age. SESAC is also rapidly becoming the performing rights organization of choice among many of Hollywood’s most sought-after film and television composers. Headquartered in Nashville, the company also has offices in New York, Los Angeles, and London. (

Audible Magic Corporation is the leading provider of content management and anti-piracy services. Its patented content identification technologies and extensive reference database of audio and video content enable the company to monitor, track, manage, filter and monetize multi-media digital content. The company’s core copyright-sensing technology, CopySense®, accurately identifies digital or broadcast media content based on the perceptual characteristics of the content itself. Built on a patented electronic fingerprinting process, the technology is robust, efficient, and massively scalable. Recognized throughout the music and video industry as the de factor leader in identification services, Audible Magic is headquartered in Los Gatos, California. Its customers include Web 2.0 websites, CD/DVD replicators, peer-to-peer networking companies, internet service providers and universities, which span the media and entertainment industries, major business, governmental and educational institutions markets.

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