LOS GATOS, California — September 4, 2003 — Audible Magic Corporation, a leading provider of content management and media information services, announced today the company has licensed software libraries, used for digital signal processing (DSP) of audio content, to Adobe Systems Incorporated. The libraries will be integrated into Adobe® Premier® Pro, the latest version of Adobe’s award-winning professional video editing software, announced on July 7th. The libraries contain algorithms developed by Audible Magic’s Muscle Fish division, the same division that developed the company’s patented solutions for audio fingerprinting. Acquired by Audible Magic two years ago, Muscle Fish was founded by a group of senior audio engineers from the sound research labs of Yamaha Corporation.

“Audible Magic’s expertise in the areas of sound engineering and DSP were an obvious choice when selecting a company to provide audio technology for Premiere Pro,” said David Trescot, senior director of Digital Video for Adobe. “Redesigned from the ground up, Premiere Pro includes audio capabilities that meet our standards of technical excellence and help make it a truly professional application.”

The Audible Magic libraries provide for time-scaling of the audio track, enabling its play duration to be stretched or compressed to fit a specific piece of video, while maintaining the original pitch.

This is the second deal with a major corporation announced by Audible Magic this quarter. In August, Universal Music Group agreed to send all its new releases to Audible Magic electronically, providing for immediate inclusion in the massive database of songs that is a key element in the company’s anti-piracy systems. Audible Magic has also signed contracts with performing rights organization SESAC and The College Music Network, to monitor airplay for both streaming and traditional radio stations.

“Audible Magic’s technology continues to become more widely adopted,” said Vance Ikezoye, founder and CEO of Audible Magic. “This application is in a different market than those using audio fingerprinting for content ID and management, but demonstrates our leadership position in audio engineering and DSP.”

Audible Magic Corporation is the leading provider of content management and anti-piracy services. Its patented content identification technologies and extensive reference database of audio and video content enable the company to monitor, track, manage, filter and monetize multi-media digital content. The company’s core copyright-sensing technology, CopySense®, accurately identifies digital or broadcast media content based on the perceptual characteristics of the content itself. Built on a patented electronic fingerprinting process, the technology is robust, efficient, and massively scalable. Recognized throughout the music and video industry as the de factor leader in identification services, Audible Magic is headquartered in Los Gatos, California. Its customers include Web 2.0 websites, CD/DVD replicators, peer-to-peer networking companies, internet service providers and universities, which span the media and entertainment industries, major business, governmental and educational institutions markets.

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