Following Vimeo’s recent announcement of Copyright Match, which utilizes Audible Magic’s hosted content identification services, there have been a lot of questions about how to register in Audible Magic’s global content registry.

First, a bit of background.  Audible Magic’s registries store audio fingerprints – compact numerical representations of unique acoustical qualities – that allow registered audio content to be matched against samples taken from Vimeo user video uploads.  Vimeo, along with a number of other video hosting services, social media sites and cloud file storage services, use Audible Magic to help mitigate unauthorized use of copyrighted works.

As a content owner, fingerprinting and registering your works may help limit unauthorized sharing in the many places where Audible Magic services are deployed.

Content producers who work with established music labels, TV networks, motion picture studios or their distributors are likely already covered in Audible Magic’s registry databases.  Those industries have incorporated Audible Magic software tools into their release workflows, which cumulatively register fingerprints from over 250,000 new titles per month.

Independent content producers typically work with digital service providers or distributors that likewise submit fingerprints to the Audible Magic registry.  Producers should ask their providers if they offer an Audible Magic fingerprinting service.  Audible Magic licenses Windows and Linux-based software tools, free of charge, allowing providers to bulk-scan content and upload fingerprints to the registry.