Audible Magic Offers New Services to Manage Distribution Conflicts

 In 2018, the top digital service providers (DSPs) publicized their preferred distribution partners and their ranking criteria. For Apple, whose ranking criteria includes exceptional content review” and “low rejection rate,” CD Baby and The Orchard made the “Preferred Plus” list. For Spotify, whose criteria lists “preventing infringement content,” The Orchard made the “Preferred” list while CD Baby made the various “Recommended” partner lists.

The number of unique titles auto-streamed was 36.3M in 2018,
a 9.2% increase over 2017 – Buzz Angle 

The challenge of adhering to these strict DSP guidelines while the keeping pace with the huge growth in the space is daunting for digital distributors. Digital distributors must manage current catalogs and ingest large numbers of tracks every day in an efficient and cost-effective way. Buzz Angle Music’s 2018 report on U.S. music consumption indicated that the number of unique titles audio-streamed was 36.3M tracks, a 9.2% increase over 2017.  The sheer number of tracks eliminates manual review and metadata checks prove to be unreliable.

As a result, digital distributors use automated content recognition (ACR) technologies to scan new releases, as well as their back catalog, to ensure they can meet these strict content review requirements. A distributor can improve their overall score and ranking if they can deliver a clean catalog that doesn’t create a lot of copyright ownership conflicts at a DSP. The impact on their business is significant. For example, as an Apple Music Preferred Plus distributor a company will have access to support for advanced customer features and analytics as well as early access to product features.


Audible Magic’s newly launched services, RightsAudit™ and RightsRx™ are a great cost-effective way to proactively identify potential ownership conflicts prior to delivering to a DSP. Audible Magic’s ACR technology combined with one of the most comprehensive and most up-to-date reference databases in the world provides a highly accurate and method to compare audio and video recordings.

Learn more about The Orchard and CD Baby partnering with Audible Magic for catalog management.

(Photo credit: Gavin Whitner)