From its launch in 2016 in Guadalajara, Mexico as a music distribution service and label, Indiefy understood the importance of providing aspiring indie artists an excellent user experience while seamlessly uploading tracks free of copyright claims to digital service providers (DSPs).  Striking the balance of servicing its subscribers and ensuring smooth operations, including copyright compliance, Indiefy not only built relationships with artists around the world but also maintained the platform’s status with DSPs.

Indiefy regards automatic content recognition technology as crucial to ensure the integrity of their supply chain and catalog, and to preserve their status as a trusted supplier to the leading music DSPs. Early on, Indiefy had chosen a vendor whose service was not as accurate as they needed and was forced to manually review any identified files from the vendor. They found the vendor’s service:

  • Misidentified files as containing copyrighted music when they actually did not (aka false positives), falsely accusing an artist of misappropriation.
  • Correctly identified files with copyrighted music but referencing the wrong metadata.

With a strong commitment to delivering reliable and affordable service, Indiefy wanted to avoid providing inaccurate data, falsely accusing an artist of copyright infringement and holding up his or her music from uploading to DSPs. The team knew the overhead of manually reviewing files could not be sustained and began looking for another automated content recognition solution (ACR).

RightsRx™– The Highest Accuracy for Any Budget

After reaching out to Audible Magic, the Indiefy team was pleasantly surprised at the various affordable service options for RightsRx, built using Audible Magic’s content identification technology – known for its accurate identification rates and virtually zero false positives. The development team also found it easy to install and use, speeding the time-to-market for deployment into production.

RightsRx compares tracks to music from more than 140,000 music labels from over 150 different territories in Audible Magic’s authoritative database and responds in seconds with a match or no match.  If there is a match, it will display the conflicting rightsholder.

“The accuracy and the lack of human intervention not only builds our reputation for professionalism with indie artists, but also with DSPs that expect a clean catalog from Indiefy,” comments Gilberto Avalos, Founder and CEO at Indiefy.  “The fire and forget aspect of RightsRx allows the team at Indiefy to focus on developing our platform and building artists’ careers.”

Challenge: Ensuring a clean supply chain of new artist tracks free of copyrighted content conflicts.

Solution: Scanning audio tracks before uploading to DSPs with RightsRx.

Key Requirements: Accuracy, scalability, and ease of use.