Novecore has built its business on providing exceptional speed in music distribution at an affordable price, often uploading songs in less than a day to top music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music (MSS).  The startup understands the challenges of fledgling musicians and offers pricing of 15% of royalties, which can change to a monthly fee of five dollars as the artist becomes establishedArtists can also access an innovative online credit card and can use their royalties directly from their Novecore account.  

Business Built on Speed and Accuracy 

Integral to Novecore’s business is the ability to ensure copyright compliance and maintain a preferred status with music streaming services by swiftly and accurately scanning tracks using an automatic content recognition (ACR) service before upload.   

Many top music streaming services expect distributors to use ACR to scan tracks for copyrighted music prior to submission.  The cost-conscious startup initially chose another ACR vendor but started to experience issues with identifications that required costly human intervention. These included: 

  • Files misidentified as containing copyrighted music (false positives) 
  • Files that the service incorrectly claimed has no copyrighted music (false negatives) 

Both types of inaccuracies are bad news for music distributors and creators.  

Distributors take great care to create a seamless user experience. Falsely accusing a creator of infringement creates a bad user experience, slows distribution, and undermines the credibility of the distributor.   

False negatives put the distributorpreferred status with the music streaming services at risk by allowing copyrighted material to upload 

Accuracy at an Affordable Price – RightsRx  

Novecore moved to RightsRx from Audible Magic, a service known for its high accuracy and affordability.  Novecore was processing tracks in less than a day without assistance from the support team at Audible Magic.  The company now scans tracks against Audible Magics authoritative database, which includes over 140,000 labels from all over the world.   

One registration to manage tracks across UGC hosting platforms 

In addition, Novecore submits tracks to the Audible Magic free registry to protect their artists content on UGC hosting platforms. With one registration, Novecore can set rules for usage across many UGC hosting platforms. 

We are confident that we can take care of our artists and maintain our preferred status with digital streaming platforms because of the accuracy that RightsRx provides,” comments Matthias Merkel, Chief Operating Officer. “With Audible Magic’s registry, we can manage the appropriate use of music across major UGC platforms for our clients. The combined services help prevent inappropriate use and protect artists both before and after distribution.“ 

Challenge: Ensuring a clean supply chain of new artist tracks free of copyright conflicts to maintain preferred status with music streaming services. 

Solution: Scanning audio tracks prior to upload to music streaming services with RightsRx and registering content with Audible Magic to manage use across multiple platforms. 

Key Requirements: Accuracy, scalability, worldwide depth of the reference database.