Takwene Protects Artists’ Rights and Manages Their Catalog with Audible Magic’s RightsRx™ Plus

The award-winning MCN and distributor supports

creators from production to rights protection.


The company's name, Takwene, the Arabic word for create, reflects its commitment to providing comprehensive support for artists, often musicians, to produce and succeed online. The Middle Eastern focused multi-channel network (MCN) and distributor launched in 2011 just as the Arab Spring began.  Undaunted by the crisis, the Takwene development team focused on building their music distribution platform. The investment paid off as they became the first and only YouTube Certified Partner in the region shortly thereafter 

Continued growth drives the search for Automated Content Recognition Solutions 

In 2015Takwene began registering their audio and video with Audible Magic to protect against unauthorized use on UGC hosting platforms.  In 2019, Takwene became the biggest music library in the Middle East, hosting over 100,000 audio and video assets, including Bedouin and Libyan music. The company was also hosting a wide variety of content from creators in the United States and the European Union. 

The growing company needed a solution to prevent uploads of unauthorized copyrighted material to their digital service providers (DSP) and to proactively manage ownership conflicts in their international catalog 

Accuracyscalability, and an international registry were key 

Because of the variety of music and the scope of their growing catalog, Takwene needed an automatic content recognition (ACR) vendor that had an extensive international music registry combined with a highly accurate and scalable service to minimize costly human intervention. Although they looked at several ACR providers, Audible Magic’s RightsRx Plus service provided the best match for their requirements. 

Prevent the upload of unauthorized copyrighted content and identify catalog conflicts with RightsRx Plus 

RightsRx Plus compares a submitted track against an extensive music registry and responds with applicable ownership information to help maintain a catalog free of unauthorized copyrighted content and conflicts.  This quick scan helps distributors maintain their status with DSPs and resolve ownership issues with other rightsholders. 

“We needed a service that would minimize human intervention, which can be costly. The solution had to be highly accurate and scalable for our expanding business, and accommodate the metadata complications when encoding a diverse catalog merging folkloric Bedouin, Oriental & Nubian Music.” said Ayman Konna, CEO of Takwene. Audible Magic easily fit the requirements, and the team appreciated the quick integration. We were scanning tracks within a day.” 

Challenge: Prevent copyrighted material from being uploaded to DSPs as well as manage conflicts in their catalog. Handle RTL and different metadata encoding. 

Solution: Audible Magic’s RightsRx Plus  

Key Requirements:  Extensive international registry, minimal manual intervention, scalability, accuracy.