Audible Magic’s PlayGen ID’s Streaming Audio to Produce Real Time Playlists of Copyrighted Music and Other Audio Content on the Internet

LOS GATOS, California — February 26, 2001 — Audible Magic, creator of digital audio identification technologies and services, today announced PlayGen™, a service capable of rapidly and accurately identifying music streamed by Webcasters and other Internet sites and generating an immediate and accurate playlist based on actual songs played. PlayGen is a powerful solution for copyright owners, royalty monitoring associations, and music labels looking to track the public use of audio content. PlayGen is currently being tested with beta customers and will be widely available this spring.Read more

Audible Magic Applies Patented Technology to Provide Audio Identification for Streaming Media

LOS GATOS, California — October 16, 2000 — Audible Magic Corporation (, a startup that provides solutions for identifying audio content over the Internet, today announced its acquisition of Muscle Fish LLC, a Berkeley-based company founded by acoustic engineers formerly from Yamaha Music Technologies, Inc. Muscle Fish engineers pioneered the use of content-based analysis and classification of audio files with over six years of extensive research and development. Read more