EMI Recorded Music Signs Agreement with Audible Magic as Preferred Provider of Audio Fingerprinting Services

First Major Label to Contract with a Provider of Content-Based Identification (CBID) Technology

LOS GATOS, California — October 29, 2002 — Audible Magic Corporation, a leading provider of content management and media information services, announced today it has entered into an agreement with EMI Recorded Music as its preferred vendor for audio fingerprinting technology. The agreement, the first between a major label and a provider of content-based identification (CBID) technology services, indicates a strong endorsement of Audible Magic and its range of solutions for identifying, monitoring and tracking multimedia content.Read more

Audible Magic Enhances RepliCheck® Content Identification Service to Include Software Titles

LOS GATOS, California — October 29, 2002 — Audible Magic Corporation, a leading provider of content management and media information services, today announced an enhancement of its RepliCheck™ service for the media replication industry. RepliCheck 2.0 provides media replicators with an automated tool to review incoming projects for software piracy. In addition to its existing ability to verify over 3.4 million copyrighted songs, Replicheck 2.0 identifies over 10,000 PC applications from over 1,000 software companies. This includes nearly all major and specialty software titles in use today, with new titles added on an on-going basis. With the ability to identify both songs and software titles, Replicheck 2.0 is the only comprehensive content verification solution available to media replicators.Read more

Audible Magic Acquires Technology for Reporting File Exchanges by Peer-To-Peer Applications

Acquisition From ipArchive Offers New Solution for Monitoring and Managing Bandwidth Demands on Corporate and ISP Networks

LOS GATOS, California — July 8, 2002 — Audible Magic Corporation (www.audiblemagic.com), a leading provider of content management and information services for the media and entertainment industries, announced today it has acquired a network monitoring technology that identifies peer-to-peer applications, applications users, and specific files exchanged. Developed by former internet-startup ipArchive, it offers top down and detail views to IT administrators and ISPs for monitoring and managing bandwidth demands generated by peer-to-peer application traffic.Read more

CMJ Network and Audible Magic Announce Long-Term Agreement

Audio Identification Technology Company Powers New CMJ Service: Realtime Airplay Monitor (RAM)

NEW YORK, NY — March 18, 2002 — The CMJ Network has entered into a long-term agreement with Audible Magic, a leading provider of digital audio identification technology, to provide the music industry with state-of-the-art radio airplay tracking information for new and emerging music. The announcement was jointly made by Jay B. Ziskrout, The CMJ Network’s VP Business Operations, and Vance Ikezoye, CEO of Audible Magic. CMJ and Audible Magic will monitor college, non-commercial, and a variety of other “early adopter” radio stations with the objective of providing quantitative and qualitative market information to assist the in the discovery and development of new and emerging music.Read more

Audible Magic Tests ‘Content-Aware’ Network Monitoring System at University of Wyoming for Intelligent Management of P2P

LOS GATOS, California — February 18, 2002 — Audible Magic Corporation (www.audiblemagic.com), a leading provider of content management services, announced today the company is testing a prototype system at the University of Wyoming that has the potential to intelligently manage peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing based upon the content and ownership of specific files being traded. The first of a new generation of “content-aware” applications, the system provides the university with detailed information that allows legitimate P2P application traffic while addressing industry concerns about illegal transfers of copyrighted material such as movies and songs.Read more

Audible Magic Delivers First All-Digital, Automated Radio Ad Monitoring System to Industry Leader VMS

LOS GATOS, California — February 3, 2002 — Audible Magic Corporation (www.audiblemagic.com), a leading provider of content management services for media industries, announced today that Video Monitoring Services of America, L.P. (VMS) has completed the initial phase of a nationwide deployment of the new Audible Magic ad detection system. One of the nation’s leading media monitoring companies, VMS’ initial deployment involves the top 8 U.S. cities and 24/7/365 coverage of 72 AM and FM radio stations.Read more

SESAC Signs Agreement with Audible Magic to Begin Audio Fingerprinting Tests

SESAC Represents First Major Performing Rights Organization to Implement CBID Technology

NASHVILLE, Tennessee — January 15, 2002 — SESAC, the fastest growing performing rights organization in the U.S., today announced a three-year, non-exclusive agreement with Audible Magic Corporation, a leading provider of digital audio identification technologies and services, to monitor terrestrial radio broadcasts utilizing Internet simulcasts. SESAC represents the first major performing rights organization to implement content-based ID (CBID), a technology that identifies audio content by electronically “listening” to it and generating unique digital fingerprints for items such as individual songs or advertisements. The agreement is specifically designed to assist in determining royalty distribution. The initial rollout, which began last fall, utilizes Audible Magic’s patented audio fingerprinting technology to monitor the simulcasts.Read more

Loudeye and Audible Magic Announce Digital Music Tracking and Management Solution

Companies Come Together to Provide an Industry Standard Solution to Music Labels, Rights Organizations, Licensed Music Services, Broadcasters and Retailers

WASHINGTON, D.C. — January 7, 2002 — Loudeye Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq NM: LOUD), a leading provider of Webcasting and digital media streaming services, and Audible Magic Corporation, a provider of content-based identification (CBID) technologies, today announced at the Future of Music Conference in Washington D.C., the immediate availability of a digital music tracking and management solution.Read more

Audible Magic’s PC-based Music Identifier Clango Wins Silver Award for Interactive Design from ID Magazine

LOS GATOS, California — July 16, 2001 — Audible Magic Corporation, a developer and marketer of digital audio identification technologies and services headquartered in Los Gatos, California, today announced the company’s Clango product has won a Silver Award for Interactive Media Design from ID Magazine. Judged by a panel of internationally recognized leaders in the field of interactive design, the awards are presented annually in categories such as software applications, websites, and entertainment/games.Read more

MeasureCast, Audible Magic Partner to Provide First Streaming Media Ad Verification Service

PORTLAND, Oregon — June 27, 2001 — MeasureCast, Inc., the first company to provide Internet broadcasters, advertisers and media buyers with next-day reports on streaming audience size and demographics, and Audible Magic Corporation, a leading provider of digital audio identification technologies, today announced an exclusive partnership to provide the streaming media industry with the first verification and demographic reporting service for on-line advertisements.Read more