Indies Join Major Labels in Fingerprinting Songs for Copyright Protection with Audible Magic’s RepliCheck Service

LOS GATOS, California — October 25, 2004 — Audible Magic Corporation today announced a program that enables independent artists and labels to register their music with the company’s anti-piracy information service for CD pressing plants. Offered through CD replicators that use Audible Magic’s RepliCheck service for verifying copyrights, the program provides registration and digital “fingerprinting” of original works for a nominal processing fee. The company has previously announced agreements with Universal Music and Sony to register their musical works.Read more to Monitor All Spanish Radio Stations

Mass Radio Inc. and Audible Magic Corp. Join Forces to Launch Radio Tracking Data Powerful New Spanish Radio Monitoring Service

LOS ANGELES, California — September 22, 2004 — Mass Radio Inc., a leading Hispanic radio consulting company, will launch Radio Tracking Data, a new and powerful Spanish radio monitoring service. This new service will monitor more than 600 Spanish radio stations in the United States as well as major cities in Mexico. Radio Tracking Data will use as the official website to provide complete monitor information.Read more

Audible Magic’s CopySense Network Appliance Manages P2P Traffic at College Preparatory School

LOS GATOS, California — June 23, 2004 — Audible Magic, a leading provider of content management services and anti-piracy solutions, announced today that Bellarmine College Preparatory, a Jesuit secondary school in San Jose, California, has purchased and installed the company’s CopySense Network Appliance. Designed for managing P2P traffic, the CopySense Network Appliance gives Bellarmine administrators a broadened range of latitude in determining P2P policy, from selectively filtering individual copyrighted works to blocking all P2P traffic on their network.Read more

Audible Magic Signs Agreement with Sony Music to Work on Wide Range of Content Management and Anti-Piracy Initiatives

LOS GATOS, California — June 1, 2004 — Audible Magic, a leading provider of products and technology for tracking and controlling copyrighted content usage, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Sony Music through which the two companies will work together to address a broad range of content management and anti-piracy initiatives.Read more

Audible Magic’s CopySense Appliance — First Network Device Specifically Designed to Control P2P

First Network Device Specifically Designed To Control P2P

LOS GATOS, California — October 21, 2003 — Audible Magic Corporation, a leading provider of content management and anti-piracy solutions, today announced the CopySense™ Network Appliance, the first product to give network administrators comprehensive control over P2P file trading. The product provides the broadest range of options for managing P2P usage, including:

  • Block only P2P transfers of copyrighted materials.
  • Block all P2P transfers.
  • Identify and log P2P usage.
  • Limit P2P traffic to a specified amount of bandwidth.
  • Establish specific rules for downloads or uploads from the network.Read more

Audible Magic and Palisade Systems Partner to Filter Illegal P2P File Transfers

LOS GATOS, California — September 9, 2003 — Audible Magic Corporation, a leading provider of content management and identification services, announced today it has partnered with Palisade Systems, a developer of network management and security solutions. The two companies will cross-license their technologies and work jointly to develop the first network appliances that identify copyrighted works “on the fly” combined with the ability to block individual trades. Both companies will develop products, with the first to come from Audible Magic in the fourth quarter of this year.Read more

Audible Magic Licenses DSP Technology to Adobe Systems

LOS GATOS, California — September 4, 2003 — Audible Magic Corporation, a leading provider of content management and media information services, announced today the company has licensed software libraries, used for digital signal processing (DSP) of audio content, to Adobe Systems Incorporated. The libraries will be integrated into Adobe® Premier® Pro, the latest version of Adobe’s award-winning professional video editing software, announced on July 7th. The libraries contain algorithms developed by Audible Magic’s Muscle Fish division, the same division that developed the company’s patented solutions for audio fingerprinting. Acquired by Audible Magic two years ago, Muscle Fish was founded by a group of senior audio engineers from the sound research labs of Yamaha Corporation.Read more

SESAC Broadcasts its Use of CMJ’s RAM Service to Assist with Royalty Distribution

Service Powered by Audible Magic’s Patented Digital Audio Identification Technology

LOS GATOS, California — August 27, 2003 — The CMJ Network and Audible Magic have announced that SESAC has become the first corporate customer to utilize data from CMJ’s Realtime Airplay Metrics (RAM) airplay reporting service. RAM, the first service to comprehensively track airplay on college, non-commercial and “early-adopter” radio, utilizes Audible Magic’s patented digital audio identification technology. In light of its 25-year artist discovery and development mission, RAM is a natural evolution to CMJ’s growing platform of media, event and data-centric products and services. SESAC, one of the three major performing rights organizations in the USA, will utilize RAM data in its monetization of non-commercial radio and its ongoing effort to improve the accuracy of performance royalty distributions to songwriters and publishers.Read more

Audible Magic Forms Agreement with Universal Music Group to Support its RepliCheck Anti-Piracy System

LOS GATOS, California — August 12, 2003 — Today Audible Magic, a provider of technology and services that enable secure and reliable identification of audio and video, announced that it has reached an agreement with Universal Music Group (UMG), the world’s largest music company, to support RepliCheck, Audible Magic’s anti-piracy information system. Under this non-exclusive agreement, UMG will become the first major music company to directly deliver its music electronically for inclusion in the RepliCheck database. This will ensure that UMG artists’ music is registered in RepliCheck’s anti-piracy database at the time of release. The RepliCheck database is one of the largest in the world, currently numbering 3.7 million songs, with more than 5 – 10,000 new songs added each week.Read more

Audible Magic’s Replicheck 2.1 Offers Enhanced Performance and Reporting for Music and Software Identification

MEDIA-TECH; LAS VEGAS, Nevada — May 13, 2003 — Audible Magic Corporation, a leading provider of content management and identification services, today announced RepliCheck™ 2.1, an enhanced version of its anti-piracy verification service for copyrighted music and software.Read more