Entropic to Embed Audible Magic's SmartID Technology into the Set-top Box System-on-a-Chip Platform

Platform Connects Service Providers and Advertisers with Consumers in Real-Time to Increase TV Interactivity

LAS VEGAS (Consumer Electronics Show), January 8, 2013—Audible Magic and Entropic (NASDAQ: ENTR), a world leader in semiconductor solutions for the connected home, today announced the port of Audible Magic's SmartID™ ACR (automatic content recognition) technology onto the Entropic set-top box (STB) system-on-a-chip (SoC) platform, which gets embedded into STB devices used by MVPDs. Leveraging an ACR-enabled STB, service providers and advertisers gain an opportunity to monetize digital entertainment and give consumers new ways to interact with various brands as they watch live and recorded TV. The Entropic/Audible Magic platform will be shown using STBs available today at the Audible Magic booth #75314 in Eureka Park at the Venetian as well as Entropic's Meeting Suite at the Wynn Las Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 8-11.Read more

Audible Magic Introduces ACR-Enhanced Features for Slingbox Companion App

New Platform Gives Slingbox Customers Social TV Experiences

Las Vegas, NV (Consumer Electronics Show)—January 8, 2013—Audible Magic, the leader in automated content recognition (ACR) solutions, announced that Audible Magic's Smart ID™ ACR system will be embedded into the Slingbox hardware platform helping to create an enhanced experience for Sling Media's Slingbox Companion app. The second screen application was first introduced at CES and demonstrated on an iPad. The addition of SmartID to the latest generation of Slingboxes will allow Sling Media to offer its consumers a range of new social TV and interactive experiences. Set for launch in Q1 2013, the Slingbox Companion app will be available for demo at the Sling Media booth (Central Hall, #8143) at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV January 8-11.Read more

Audible Magic Unveils Cross-Platform Solution for Interactive TV Commercials

Los Gatos, CA–January 7, 2012–Audible Magic, the leader in automated content recognition (ACR) solutions and services, announced that it has joined with several partners to roll out advanced television advertising solutions including interactive and addressable advertising across smart televisions, set-top boxes and second screen devices. Interactive advertising solutions use the company's SmartID ACR technology to identify ads in real-time watched by users on TV and then, in real time, display supplemental, promotional and informational options. SmartID ACR technology also powers Audible Magic's solution for addressable advertising, which makes possible personalization of television advertising using ad identification and replacement.Read more

DG and Audible Magic Unveil Synchronized Ad Service

Extends TV Commercials by Synchronizing Ads to Mobile Screens

Las Vegas, NV January 7, 2013 – DG (NASDAQ: DGIT), the world's leading ad management and distribution platform, and Audible Magic, the leading provider of automated content recognition (ACR) technologies, today announced an interactive advertising service that ties together TV commercials and smart mobile devices. Using Audible Magic's SmartID ACR system, an advertiser's commercial is recognized on a TV, which triggers complementary interactive experiences on a second screen mobile device, using DG's MediaMind digital advertising platform.Read more

Accelerated Media, Audible Magic Team to Aid Interactive Advertisers

Audible Magic to Demo New Cross-Platform Interactive Ad System at CES.

Las Vegas, NV—January 13, 2013—Accelerated Media, a marketing firm that provides analytic and strategic iTV (interactive TV) services to advertisers, and Audible Magic, the leader in automated content recognition (ACR) systems and services, announced that they are joining forces to offer advertisers a more compelling and potentially more rewarding interactive ad experience. The centerpiece of this joint effort, a new cross-platform interactive ad system, will be demonstrated at the Audible Magic booth #75314 in Eureka Park, located in the Venetian at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas January 8-11.Read more

The Cheshire Duo, Audible Magic Extend Interactive Advertising to "Face to Face" Communications

Las Vegas, NV–January 7, 2013–The Cheshire Duo, LLC, an innovative marketing firm that connects advertisers to technical innovators, and Audible Magic, the leader in automated content recognition (ACR) systems and services, announced a unique Patent Pending service that extends interactive ad experiences to Face to face protocols (Skype, Face Time, etc.) calls and screens. The service, which offers TV advertisers new ways to attract consumers and new revenue opportunities for service operators as well as advertisers, will be demonstrated at the Audible Magic booth #75314 at Eureka Park at the Venetian at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas January 8-11.Read more

Ensequence and Audible Magic Team to Deliver Interactive Advertising and TV Across Multiple Devices

Portland OR and Los Gatos CA — December 10, 2012 — Ensequence, the leading supplier of advanced interactive television (iTV) products, and Audible Magic, the leading provider of automated content recognition (ACR) solutions, today announced an integrated platform that will create new opportunities for brands to engage and win loyalty among TV viewers. Combining Audible Magic's SmartID and Ensequence's award-winning iTV Manager® solutions, the platform offers viewers unique, immersive experiences with their favorite shows, and enables advertisers to connect one-on-one with audiences across devices including TV sets, tablets, laptops, and smart phones.Read more

Audible Magic Pulls “Rabbit out of Hat” with Audini™

Innovative New Browser Plug-in Provides Write-Once, Portable ACR Across All Platforms; TVplus Adopts New Technology for Its SDK Platform.

LOS GATOS, CA, June 12, 2012 — Audible Magic, the leading innovator in automated content recognition (ACR) technology for “smart” consumer electronics (CE) applications, today announced Audini, the industry’s first browser plug-in for ACR. Combining the names of the company and the legendary magician Harry Houdini, Audini—which uses Javascript APIs—enables developers to write code for an ACR application just once and then port it across most major industry platforms, greatly speeding, simplifying, and lowering the cost of ACR implementation.

In addition, TVplus, a fast-growing supplier and developer of “second-screen” social and interactive TV applications, joined Audible Magic in announcing that it will become the first company to incorporate Audini into its technology platform.

“Audini is a big deal for the ACR world,” noted Audible Magic VP of Marketing Jay Friedman. “For the first time, people can identify content using ACR from within a browser window. And, by using ACR and Javascript combined with the capabilities of HTML5, developers can create amazing web-based apps, not apps they have to download from the stores. In turn, this enables Audini’s ‘write-once, run-anywhere’ model, which gives users portable ACR solutions. At the moment, no one else has anything like Audini, and we see it as setting a new trend in our industry—one that will greatly accelerate the pace of ACR development both across technology platforms and CE markets. To extend our magic metaphor a little further: with Audini, we think we’ve pulled a rabbit out of our hat.”

“Audini is clearly the logical next step for companies that incorporate ACR into their iTV and other CE solutions,” added TVplus CEO and founder Ajay Shah. “At TVplus, we’re delighted to be the first company to put this trendsetting new technology into our iTV solution because—quite frankly—it puts us a step ahead of companies that don’t have Audini. We can now develop new ACR apps more quickly, easily, and cost effectively than we could before. This will be a big help to us as well as our clients. So, in our own way, we’re sharing in the magic, too.”

Since its founding, Audible Magic has made significant investments in creating industry leading ACR technology and has been granted 18 patents. By working with Audible Magic, customers get both a technological advantage and the piece-of-mind that their use of Audible Magic technology is protected. The Audini plug-in is protected by a number of Audible Magic’s patents, which the company believes are fundamental to operation of an ACR browser plug-in.

Audini will support portable ACR across all major platforms, including iOS, Android, PC, Linux, and Mac by the end of June. In addition, it provides cross-browser support on Internet Explorer for Windows; Firefox for Windows and Mac; Chrome for Android, Windows, and Mac; and Safari for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. With the constraints Apple places on iOS, Audini is technically not a plug-in, although it still delivers similar cross-browser ACR compatibility.Read more

Coincident and Audible Magic Partner to Deploy ScreenSync TV for Over-the-Top and Broadcast Content

Integration Expands Coincident Two-Screen Applications to Better Serve Content Providers

BOSTON, The Cable Show — May 21, 2012 — Coincident – the San Francisco-based technology company behind ScreenSync TV and Audible Magic, a pioneer in automated content recognition (ACR) technology and solutions, today announced that Audible Magic’s SmartID and SmartSync ACR solutions will be integrated with ScreenSync TV, Coincident’s two-screen technology that offers synchronized control between a tablet and a television. The move - which leverages Audible Magic’s patented digital fingerprint ACR technology to identify and synchronize television content and advertising, including live TV programming - adds a new control mechanism for deploying ScreenSync TV via broadcast or over-the-top services and provides supplemental control mechanism for Service Provider deployments. Coincident’s customers – MSOs, television networks, production companies and advertisers - can now take advantage of ScreenSync TV to build deeply interactive and coordinated two-screen viewing experiences, generate revenues by delivering more engaging advertisements, enable contextual commerce and integrate new social elements.Read more

yap.TV Offers New Sync-to-TV Capability, Free of Charge, for Any TV Show, powered by Audible Magic SmartSync

Platform makes it easy for networks to improve tune-in by enabling two-way, synchronized experiences for an TV show through the yap.TV CMS

NAB SHOW, LAS VEGAS, APRIL 16, 2011—yap.TV (http://www.yap.tv), the leader in Social TV applications on the second screen, announced the availability of yap.TV Live Pulse, a Sync-to-TV entertainment experience, along with the yap.TV CMS, a powerful way to manage rich media content for any show on the yap.TV platform. Now, every show on every network can instantly administrate content and create interactive show experiences to increase engagement and tune-in with target TV audiences.Read more